New urban impressionism

The Brazilian artist Gisele Ulisse uses impressive brushstrokes to bring to life the light and shadow of everyday urban scenes.

Gisele Ulisse

Gisele Ulisse captures fleeting moments of urban life on canvas with airy brushstrokes. She skilfully conveys the moving dynamics and the fine, moving emotional worlds of the depicted subjects. >more

In Europe, too, the young artist Gisele Ulisse is in ever greater demand.

Born in the Brazilian city of Jundiaí, painting and drawing became a faithful friend and companion for Gisele Ulisse even as a toddler and helped her to understand and transform the difficult urban reality


Vernissage von der brasilianischen Künstlerin Gisele Ulisse

People on the move

Welcome to the colorful universe of Gisele Ulisse, a Brazilian artist who takes a special look at the big cities. The most basic scenes of daily life become poetic and playful in their simple and delightful representation, rich in colour and movement. > more

Brazilian contemporary art - Buses
Buses 100x160 2017


Brazilian contemporary art bicycles

Gallery Gunzoburg Überlingen, Germany

Colourful impressions

Preparation of a vernissage of Brazilian art

Journalists discover the power of images

The wellknown newspaper "Rheinpfalz" reports on the successful exhibition in Landau.

Rheinpfalzer newspaper art critics

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